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Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP)

contributor authorOSD - SE - ODASD(SE)
date accessioned2017-09-04T16:48:02Z
date available2017-09-04T16:48:02Z
date copyright40100
date issued2009
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description abstractUse/relationship:
The SEMP describes the contractor's technical approach and proposed plan for the conduct, management, and control of the integrated systems engineering effort. It shall be consistent with the government Systems Engineering Plan (SEP), if available.
The SEMP content may be tailored depending on the scope, purpose, and the acquisition phase of the program. The contractor's SEMP shall contain the annotated mapping between contractor and government SE processes. The government SE processes may be noted in the SEP. The SEMP shall also show alignment of contractor and subcontractor SE processes.
This Data Item Description (DID) contains content preparation instructions for the data product generated by the specific and discrete task requirements as delineated in the contract.
This DID supersedes DI-MGMT-81024.
titleSystems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP)en
treeOSD - SE - ODASD(SE):;2009

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