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NFPA 551 2022 Edition

contributor authorNFPA - (NFPA) - National Fluid Power Association
date accessioned2022-08-27T23:41:31Z
date available2022-08-27T23:41:31Z
date copyright2022/01
date issued2022
identifier otherNFPA 551-2022.pdf
identifier uri
description abstractThis guide is intended to provide assistance, primarily to authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), in evaluating the appropriateness and execution of a fire risk assessment (FRA) for a given fire safety problem. While this guide primarily addresses regulatory officials, it also is intended for others who review FRAs, such as insurance company representatives and building owners.
titleGuide for the Evaluation of Fire Risk Assessments Guide to the Fire Safety Concepts Treeen
titleNFPA 551 2022 Editionnum
treeNFPA - (NFPA) - National Fluid Power Association:;2022

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