Industrial Standards List

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ASSE - ASSE/SAFE - American Society of Safety EngineersIndustrial Standards
ASTM - ASTM InternationalIndustrial Standards
AWS - American Welding SocietyIndustrial Standards
AWWA - American Water Works AssociationIndustrial Standards
BATTELLE - BMI - Battelle Memorial InstituteIndustrial Standards
BHMA - Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association Inc.Industrial Standards
BSI - British Standards InstitutionIndustrial Standards
CIE - International Commission on IlluminationIndustrial Standards
CJCS - Chairman, Joint Chief of StaffIndustrial Standards
CSA/AM - CSA America, Inc.Industrial Standards
CSA - CSA GroupIndustrial Standards
CTI - Cooling Technology InstituteIndustrial Standards
DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V.Industrial Standards
DOC - U.S. Department of CommerceIndustrial Standards
DOJ - U.S. Department of JusticeIndustrial Standards
DRM - Drawing Requirements ManualIndustrial Standards
ECIA - Electronic Components Industry AssociationIndustrial Standards
EIA - Electronic Industries AllianceIndustrial Standards
ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards InstituteIndustrial Standards
General Services - FAS - General Services AdministrationIndustrial Standards
GPA - Gas Processors AssociationIndustrial Standards
GSA - 3FNE - Engineering Division (Furniture Center)Industrial Standards
GSA - FSS - Federal Supply ServiceIndustrial Standards
HHS - NIH - National Institute of Health (Acquisition Planning & Specification Branch)Industrial Standards
IAPMO - International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical OfficialsIndustrial Standards