Industrial Standards List

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ICAO - International Civil Aviation OrganizationIndustrial Standards
ICC - International Code CouncilIndustrial Standards
ICEA - Insulated Cable Engineers Association Inc.Industrial Standards
IEC - International Electrotechnical CommissionIndustrial Standards
IEEE - The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.Industrial Standards
IPC - Association Connecting Electronics IndustriesIndustrial Standards
ISA - International Society of AutomationIndustrial Standards
ISO - International Organization for StandardizationIndustrial Standards
ITU-R - International Telecommunication Union/ITU Radiocommunication SectorIndustrial Standards
ITU-T - International Telecommunication Union/ITU Telcommunication SectorIndustrial Standards
JEDEC - Solid State Technology AssociationIndustrial Standards
JSA - Japanese Standards AssociationIndustrial Standards
JSC - NASA - JSC - Johnson Space CenterIndustrial Standards
KSC - NASA - KSC - Kennedy Space CenterIndustrial Standards
MODUK - British Defence StandardsIndustrial Standards
MSS - Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry.Industrial Standards
NACE - NACE InternationalIndustrial Standards
NCS - National Communications Systems (Office of Technology and Program)Industrial Standards
NECA - National Electrical Contractors AssociationIndustrial Standards
NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers AssociationIndustrial Standards
NETA - InterNational Electrical Testing AssociationIndustrial Standards
NFPA - (NFPA) - National Fluid Power AssociationIndustrial Standards
NISO - National Information Standards OrganizationIndustrial Standards
NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationIndustrial Standards
NR - Network RailIndustrial Standards